Smokiness [noun]

Definition of Smokiness:

place, time that is unlit

Synonyms of Smokiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smokiness:

Sentence/Example of Smokiness:

He resented the smokiness, but hated to wallop him; there was so little to wallop.

It is generally discoverable by the smokiness of the wax, and faintness of the re-impression.

It smells of the freshest, purest fragrance, after the smokiness of Harley Street.

A vapor, a strange puff of smokiness exploded from it, and disappeared instantly.

His smokiness turned from a soft coal to an anthracite hue, and he went off his feed.

The second is to trim the wick and do whatever else it needs to correct the smokiness.

This also accounts for the smokiness of the interior of the burial-caves, even of the ancient ones.