Smoky [adjective]

Definition of Smoky:

hazy, sooty

Synonyms of Smoky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smoky:

Sentence/Example of Smoky:

How eagerly did my glance endeavour to penetrate the smoky distance!

They're mostly dim and smoky, or like they're made out of fog, but this one wasn't.

But he had never before returned so late, with his brain so hot and smoky.

With that, Juve-Vagualame disappeared into a smoky wine shop.

Brown paper should never be used with baked dishes; the pitch and tar which it contains will give the meat a smoky bad taste.

The cap leaden brown; gills and stem tinged with smoky brown.

He was all Indian now; the streak of smoky white man was engulfed.

Dinner degenerated into a smoky bite, and then at dusk there was a council of war.

After washing them, he put them to broil over his smoky fire of green twigs.

Smoky Creek Bridge had long been famous in mountain song and story.