Smolder [verb]

Definition of Smolder:

burn, simmer

Synonyms of Smolder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smolder:

Sentence/Example of Smolder:

There was no longer a smolder in Latisan—it was all a red flame!

The flame of discontent, nevertheless, continued to smolder.

The decks of the Savissan craft were beginning to smolder, and her arrow fire was weakening.

Conan's eyes began to smolder ominously, but he trod warily into the chamber, his sword ready.

For a Zamboulan dancer to blush would be an impossibility, but a smolder of anger mingled with the fear in Zabibi's dilated eyes.

She watched the thin paper curl and smolder among the smoking embers of last night's blaze.

In places the smolder fanned to new life behind them and licked greedily at the ripe grass like hungry, red tongues.

It was a brief task to gather the wood and then Ross and Shif'less Sol lighted the fire, which they permitted merely to smolder.

When the cooking was finished the logs were drawn back a few inches and the fire went down to coals, but continued to smolder.

The stump will burn and smolder to the end of the roots, leaving nothing but ashes.