Smoldering [verb]

Definition of Smoldering:

burn, simmer

Synonyms of Smoldering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smoldering:

Sentence/Example of Smoldering:

There seemed to be a smoldering hate back of the light in those eyes.

He pushed a smoldering log with his foot toward the remnants of the embers.

His eyes seemed to be smoldering like embers just ready to blaze.

Fires were smoldering in many parts and not a house was left intact.

The speed of the towing had fanned the smoldering destruction.

It was a simple matter of touching off the smoldering tinder.

Melissy recalled the smoldering admiration in his bold eyes.

On the cornice of the roof above her a glowing ember was smoldering dangerously.

The brand Jas' had hurled was smoldering on Boyd's blankets.

Hence the smoldering hickory that was like a breath from a far past.