Smoothly [adverb]

Definition of Smoothly:


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Sentence/Example of Smoothly:

Presently she reappeared, and with her, smoothly talking her down, came the young man.

It doesn't strike you that they went off a little too smoothly, does it?'

This was a wide stream, smoothly hurrying, without rapids or tumult.

Then mix it smoothly with the yeast, and stir it into the household flour.

His garments clung as tightly and smoothly as if he had been kneaded into them—as, indeed, he had.

Was it complacence or suspicion that stirred the liquid in the cyst so smoothly?

“I have several things to say to you, one at a time,” replied Haig smoothly.

Bones are then covered with a light wrapping of tow, placed lightly and smoothly.

"No, it is not the consulate," said Pachmann smoothly, and turned to Vard.

It is as well made as any line in England, and the carriages run as smoothly.