Smothered [adjective]

Definition of Smothered:


Synonyms of Smothered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smothered:


Sentence/Example of Smothered:

A strange dread crept into Mortimer's heart; it smothered him; he felt dizzy.

And again he caught me in his arms, and smothered me with kisses.

Now we can trot our beasts and not be smothered in other folk's dust.

It was smothered in blood, so effectually that only slaves are left.

Then a strange, inarticulate cry was smothered in her throat.

But Virginie raised her eyes, interrupted herself and heaved a smothered sigh.

He uttered a smothered cry of pain as he jumped to the floor and began to dress.

There it is, see—that grey building yonder, with its windows all smothered in ivy.'

The cover is provided with ventilators, so that the burner will not be smothered.

Her attempt at a cry for help was smothered before it became audible.