Smothering [verb]

Definition of Smothering:

extinguish; cover, hide

Synonyms of Smothering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smothering:

Sentence/Example of Smothering:

"We'll run for Peel this morning, boys," said Pete, smothering his voice in a mouthful.

The smothering canopy was then lowered, but not so noiselessly as I had seen it lowered.

He thought, on this, that he might be smothering her; and he relaxed his hold to allow her to breathe.

He was choking, smothering—smothering with shame, hopelessness, despair.

She sprawled back, resignedly, in her chair, smothering a yawn.

But a great sea and a smothering blast of wind distracted him.

The shells ploughed the ground around them, smothering them with dirt.

But she was too loyal for that, and smothering a sigh she retreated into the house.

Mr. Edwards, smothering a sigh of relief, glanced at the weather.

The Tract Society (she is its guest) is smothering her with its attentions.