Smouldering [adjective]

Definition of Smouldering:

blazing, flashing

Synonyms of Smouldering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smouldering:

Sentence/Example of Smouldering:

All the smouldering embers of a life denied had blazed at last.

My smouldering jealousy of the oily von Kufner now flamed into expression.

She was smouldering ominously, uncertain where the blame lay, but certain there was blame.

It moved her and thrilled her, and stirred the smouldering fires of her ambition.

"Not a wink will come to me," he said, and sat down before the smouldering fire.

Count Samoval's smouldering eyes were upon the captain, and full of menace.

The question was to her anger as a gust of wind to a smouldering fire.

There was a smouldering fire growing in his passionate eyes.

In this unanswerable conundrum she quenched the smouldering embers of her wrath.

He lifted the lid of the stove, and shoved the smouldering wood from sight.