Smudge [noun]

Definition of Smudge:

dirt smear

Synonyms of Smudge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smudge:

Sentence/Example of Smudge:

Such is the story of the hole which you have marked, and of the smudge upon the wood.

Ahead, he could see the smudge of the Black Fleet's smoke on the horizon.

And to-day "the smudge" has grown more than ever ineffective.

"Come to council," I sent up, while they helped to keep the smudge thick.

“What a shame,” he said, as it fell on his letter, and made a smudge.

Come now, Fairy, you needn't wrinkle up that smudge of a nose at me.

Oil of citronella will drive them away for a time but a "smudge" may be necessary.

It might pass in my handwriting, with a smudge for paternal grief—it might.

He opened his silver cigarette case and rubbed a smudge from the initials.

“Good-morning, girls,” he greeted them, wiping a smudge of oil off his face.