Smudgy [adjective]

Definition of Smudgy:


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Sentence/Example of Smudgy:

Nan never liked people to be dull and smudgy with disorderly moods.

Yes, the smudgy places are tears, but only because I am rather weak, and so happy.

His hand shook as he snatched the smudgy sheets from the negro.

Her hair was disheveled, her sleeves rolled back, and her face smudged from her smudgy fingers.

In the shop the sickly man was studying his smudgy newspaper, now spread out largely on the counter.

The officially registered impression affords clear lineations, but that on the bit of glass panel is muddled and smudgy.

He had forgotten his smudgy apron, folded and tucked away in the lining of his jacket.

I am smudgy, and also very hungry, and it is almost seven oclock, Marjorie warned.

With a stereotype, the liability of smudgy printing is greatly enhanced.

Neither of them had any fear of dirt, and Fan had grown up not merely unkempt, but smudgy.