Smug [adjective]

Definition of Smug:

pleased with oneself

Synonyms of Smug:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smug:

Sentence/Example of Smug:

"Well, that's just what I thought," he said, with smug content.

Fraser leaned forward, that smug, vain smile curling his lips.

Have you grown sleek and fat and smug in my service that you should requite me thus?

I looked into his smug face, and I was within an ace of striking him.

Bobby smiled up at him in smug satisfaction over his own wiliness.

The Camps, Smug, the gentlemanly agent, all had disappeared from off Midway.

I recognised the description as that of Smug, and determined to hear more.

Murphy we had left with Smug, and in charge of the party without.

Delbras she had ever feared and hated, and Smug she despised as the coward decoy of the gang.

He used to say that the bourgeoisie, the smug, overfed lot, had killed them.