Smuggle [verb]

Definition of Smuggle:

transfer illegal goods

Synonyms of Smuggle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smuggle:


Sentence/Example of Smuggle:

Could she not smuggle him up-stairs after her father had had his supper and retired to his bedroom?

"Yes, but I managed to smuggle my pocket contents into these clothes," said Ned.

He'll stay behind and carry out your vacation while we smuggle you away.

Hillard contrived to smuggle him on the private yacht of a friend.

He smuggles the guns in in the Cigale, I smuggle them out in the Arrow.

They might smuggle us into their trap, or we could hang on somehow.

In some way one of his men, who had been wounded in the arm, had been able to smuggle in a revolver to him.

Is there no' a way to smuggle the bit dog into the kirkyard?

You were going to smuggle these arms and supplies into Mexico, across the river.

They had tried to smuggle, and we, as in duty bound, had stopped them.