Smuggled [verb]

Definition of Smuggled:

transfer illegal goods

Synonyms of Smuggled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Smuggled:


Sentence/Example of Smuggled:

They were smuggled, mind you, and no matter what happens, he can't squeal.

We must be smuggled out when arrests are made—also Bedr, to save scandal.

We had been taken somehow to a side entrance and smuggled into boxes.

It must have cost him half his pocket-money to get them smuggled in to her.

While he played his rôle of fox by day and smuggled by night, it was not without risk.

I smuggled a lift and slipped all four of her garters off the tops of her hose.

Somebody wanted to know how the package had been smuggled into the Convent.

A year later the news was smuggled to him that she was still alive.

When the time comes to leave I will have you smuggled on board.

He had got his man, but he had not got the smuggled whiskey and alcohol he had come to seize.