Smuggler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Smuggler:

Then it is no hoax after all; and I've been sitting down to dinner with a smuggler!'

I am, as you know, a smuggler; and I must send this lace on shore.

The weapon was a long, heavy carbine, which had doubtless belonged to some smuggler.

In his youth he had sailed on a smuggler, running in from Whitehaven with spirits.

Of a smuggler, a large proportion of our people think no wrong.

Say smuggler, Rahal, and you might call him by a truer name.

He told you that I was a smuggler; that the announcement in the paper was mine.

Was n't he a smuggler, or a privateer's-man, or something of the kind?

Ay, and there's another below Beerhaven, and another yonder at the Smuggler's Rock.

Then I met with a smuggler, who asked me if I wanted to buy cigars.