Snack [noun]

Definition of Snack:

tiny meal

Synonyms of Snack:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snack:


Sentence/Example of Snack:

They hastened up and the snack was set out on a patch of soft grass.

The cook will have a snack for you before you pull back to Oban.

And some sandwiches and pound cake for a snack for ourselves.

After a bite and a snack I went to bed, not to worry, but to sleep.

"When we were eating our snack," put in Willy, not to be left out.

"You are just in time for a snack," old man Pitt cried, waving the leg of a chicken.

Here, I say, you ought to leave a snack for the soldiers when they come.

I can,” said the man; “and as my pokers are all hot, I mean to have a snack.

Indeed, I like to get them in, and have a snack of dry food, to break them in to it.

We shall all be glad of a ‘snack’ when service is over and before we start back.