Snagged [verb]

Definition of Snagged:

catch on something

Synonyms of Snagged:





Run into

Opposite/Antonyms of Snagged:


Sentence/Example of Snagged:

"And see how you've snagged your clothes," said Irene reprovingly.

When the fisherman attempted to pull in his line he found that his hook was snagged.

He snapped at her bait, snagged on the hook, then shook himself free.

It was about twenty feet from him when he snagged it, and it was still twenty feet away.

Maybe he'd snagged his suit and blown up like a soap bubble.

This lake ends in a big muskeg, and we snagged our canoe there one fall.

He reached back and snagged another can of coffee and went to work on it.

She must have snagged it on the same nail she had her best nighty.

On one of the low, overhanging bushes, a bit of dark wool had been snagged.

In fact, I think he rather relishes hearin' they're snagged.