Snagging [verb]

Definition of Snagging:

catch on something

Synonyms of Snagging:





Run into

Opposite/Antonyms of Snagging:


Sentence/Example of Snagging:

These are the people who suffer in cases of snagging and collision, &c.

It will be observed that nearly one-half the known losses on the upper river between 1823 and 1863 were the result of snagging.

Almost half of this sum was required for snagging operations alone.

"Yes, you sure are, when it comes to snagging the odd piece of pie," Dawson said with a grin.

Realizing that much valuable time was being wasted, Penny slid down from the tree, snagging a stocking in the process.

It is found in shallow water and near the mouths of the creeks, and the Indians have a way of "snagging" them in.