Snaking [adjective]

Definition of Snaking:

roundabout; unintended

Opposite/Antonyms of Snaking:

Sentence/Example of Snaking:

The snaking track might take up acres and acres of rich land.

Leaping on the old man he took him by the shoulders, snaking him.

Snaking over that fall was a thing to put a crimp in anybody.

Saw the world while snaking on my belly through the South Pacific.

The long, snaking hose filled and plumped out with snappings.

He crossed the floor with slinking, tigerish steps and snaking body.

In a few minutes the stout chain was snaking its way down through the blue-green ocean.

Long before midnight he was snaking his way noiselessly through the underbrush that surrounded the camp.

Douwes quitted Holland, snaking off her dust from his feet, and went to live at Wiesbaden.

Buck was snaking her along by the neck, and somebody had put a rope on one of her hind feet, and she was dragging that.