Snaky [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Snaky:

"Snaky" was Belle's thought of the woman; "sinuous" was Garlock's of the man.

She juggled the wheel and made a snaky path off to one side of the road.

"They're so snaky, dark, and deceitful-looking," interrupted Mrs. Markham.

She gave me to understand, in that snaky, frozen way of hers, that I was a fool for thinking so.

"He's the long, snaky knife that hangs in the parlor," said Hortense.

And then there were the long ‘snaky’ ringlets, which the man at the tavern had described to me.

It's his snaky movements and his ferret eyes that is getting on me nerves.

Beautiful the strange, snaky lifting of the muzzles, the swaying of the sharp horns.

I shall be proud to introduce you to our slim and snaky sort at Coolspring.

Save for a stern and ominous look in his cold, snaky eye, he might not have heard.