Snapped [verb]

Definition of Snapped:

separate, break

Synonyms of Snapped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snapped:

Sentence/Example of Snapped:

Then, hardly looking at his target, he snapped his rifle back to his shoulder and fired.

"We don't scare worth a cent," she snapped, with the virulence of a vixen.

Burke's broad jowls shook from the force with which he snapped his jaws together.

He struck the rivet such a blow that he snapped one shank of his spur short off.

"I don't see that it matters, whether she could or not," snapped the Little Doctor.

Lauriston snapped his fingers and shrugged his shoulders in contempt of duty.

In his excitement the dominie had snapped the stem of his tobacco pipe in two.

"Then let him enter here; I have no time to go out to listen to his talk," snapped Betty.

When she was dead, might not a tie, between the uncle and nephew, be snapped asunder?

"Well, I want to see him, and I want to see him before noon," he snapped.