Snapshot [noun]

Definition of Snapshot:


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Sentence/Example of Snapshot:

I saw only a snapshot of her, which showed her to be beautiful.

Yes, she'd keep the snapshot of Stella, and remember what I said about the brother in Altoona.

And do you know, it takes a snapshot in a room even just as well as in the open air.

"How I would have loved to have had a snapshot of him," said Julie, sighing.

"You have not liked him since you found that he took that snapshot of me," she said whimsically.

I took a snapshot of Chris yesterday, and she took one of me.

I suppose it was just a snapshot as she stood by the roadside?

It was a snapshot of the ranger and a very attractive young woman.

I daresay it had the effect in the snapshot of making him look 'a festive chap.'

We may get one distinguished general in one snapshot, the next negative we make will show another distinguished general.