Snaring [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Snaring:

You are, indeed, fortunate in having escaped from the snare he laid for you.

And when he saw I was not to be led, he endeavoured to drive me into the snare.

Which does not mean, however, that they are far from the snare.

It is a snare in which souls of average virtue often become entangled.

Let not his natural affections be as the snare of the fowler unto his feet.

Is this yere a snare you're settin' for this innocent child?

All life was corrupt, he had been taught; art was corrupt, a snare, a delusion.

He pushed boldly on into the narrow streets, which received him like a trap or a snare.

So what does this awful villain do but lay a snare for them.

I saw the snare, and my self-respect prevented my being caught in it.