Snarled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Snarled:

"Crooked as a dog's hind legs," snarled Lewis, biting viciously at his cigar.

"Ah, don't you try to seem too darn' innocent," Roland snarled.

She came to me this afternoon, and she had that bunch of hair you cut off that was snarled in the bush.

"I will go," snarled Holknecht, and he wrenched from my grasp and darted toward the door.

When she snarled her displeasure, the old leader would whirl on the three-year-old.

She looked at White Fang, who snarled and bristled and glared malevolently.

And there were dogs everywhere that snarled at him and that he must not attack.

At such times he whimpered and snarled in his sleep, and they that looked on said that his dreams were bad.

As in the past he had bristled and snarled at sight of Lip-lip, so now, and automatically, he bristled and snarled.

"You can't get away with it," Miro snarled, muttering a string of curses.