Snarly [adjective]

Definition of Snarly:

perversely irritable

Synonyms of Snarly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snarly:

Sentence/Example of Snarly:

You haven't been more than to say snarly since the accident!

The hard, snarly astringency of his character had grown sweet and mild.

Moze, however, replied with his snarly bark and climbed on steadily.

We are irritable at picnics, snarly at clambakes, and bored to death at dinners.

And I can't get any more out of him; he is as snarly when I ask any questions as though he was mad about it all.

She was snappy at school and snarly at home, difficult to please, and ready to take offence at everything.

The people look either heart-broken or snarly, like the people confined in an insane asylum at home.

Ole was silent, but permitted the steward to remove at will the long, snarly white locks, which covered his head.

He had used the scissors on his long black mustache, and given it a snarly and unkempt appearance.

Those in the Regent's Park Gardens are active, snappy, snarly, wild-looking creatures.