Snatched [verb]

Definition of Snatched:

grab away

Synonyms of Snatched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snatched:

Sentence/Example of Snatched:

People giggled, and she snatched her hand away, blushing furiously.

And it was true I could have snatched the meat from her like a wolf, but because of my vow I would not.

Tiennette snatched from the hands of Rose and Jeanne the stockings they were coveting.

And with a sudden movement, as the Huberts closed it to give it back to her, she snatched it from them.

Then he sprang upon the slippery rock and snatched the gold.

What did you, then, when you snatched her from her home by some foul trick?

Charmides snatched his father's hand and held it tight, for Creon was one of them.

She snatched the torn sheet from him and turned abruptly toward the fence.

She snatched the comb out of my hand like a wicked woman, and tore out my hair.

Silently she ran, snatched the dumb messenger, and drew down the window-shade.