Snatching [noun]

Definition of Snatching:

small part

Synonyms of Snatching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snatching:


Sentence/Example of Snatching:

Our pleasures are but the stolen moments we can snatch from its inattention.

Adams offered to snatch the gun out of his companion's hand.

I now think that to lie is, as it were, to snatch the reins out of God's hand.

I might, unnoticed, of course, snatch a bun from its grasp now and then.

Who is there among you, my friends, that may not snatch a brand from the burning!

They will snatch from us our just revenge and will arrest us all!

There are no lady passengers to snatch the coveted post from us.

He starts, tries to conceal a book, but we snatch it from him.

It did not occur to her to snatch off her hat and wave it, as little girls that belonged did.

The butler made a snatch at it, but Captain Dan was too quick.