Sneaking [adjective]

Definition of Sneaking:


Opposite/Antonyms of Sneaking:

Sentence/Example of Sneaking:

Believes herself to have a sneaking kindness for Hickman: and why.

What do you mean by sneaking around here this time of night?

My-Boots and the Gaudrons went down to the dance with Boche sneaking along after them.

"You should not be sneaking around," the German said sharply.

I leave the sneaking off to them soft-spoken chaps you're thinking of.

I'll give you something to remember me by, you sneaking cur!

Well, I reckon I can manage a dirty, sneaking hound like you.

I thought I was unhappy and I had a sneaking idea I was lonesome.

I understand that you found Layton sneaking about the house?

I was sneaking by, but the old chief saw me and insisted on my coming in to eat.