Sneaks [noun]

Definition of Sneaks:

person who is very dishonest

Synonyms of Sneaks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sneaks:


Sentence/Example of Sneaks:

"A sneak always lies well," he replied, as he sneered at Lanning.

He may think he can sneak around because you're a woman and stall you.

You're afraid of my making you split upon some of your babbling just now, are you, Sneak?'

You cannot help thinking that the sneak would be a tyrant, if he had the opportunity.

Best way would be to try and sneak in, and not shout they were coming.

Instant vengeance was then to be taken on Mallett and his companion—the sneak!

You hold on till I sneak into the entry and get my cap and we'll put for there now.

More'n that, I hate to go 'round feelin' like a sneak thief.

It would be a fine thing for you, no doubt, if you could sneak round her behind my back!

Here he's managed to sneak on to the personal staff of the marshal.