Sneaky [adjective]

Definition of Sneaky:

underhanded, dishonest

Synonyms of Sneaky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sneaky:

Sentence/Example of Sneaky:

And so perhaps you would be Saladin, and he can be Sir Kenneth, though he's too sneaky for him, too.

He was safe there from Sneaky, Gray Wolf and the whole pack.

She was going to speak for her foster child, and not let Sneaky introduce him.

“You have done well by the pack, Sneaky,” he announced finally.

“Sneaky, you run down to the brook and get some water,” she commanded.

Sneaky did not like this, and displayed his sharp, cruel teeth.

You must run back to the den and tell Mother Wolf or Sneaky.

Meanwhile, Sneaky had been out hunting, and returned with food for his family.

This also was a law of the pack, and Sneaky was angrier than ever.

Sneaky switched his tail angrily, and bared his white teeth.