Sneered [verb]

Definition of Sneered:

mock, condemn

Synonyms of Sneered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sneered:

Sentence/Example of Sneered:

"A sneak always lies well," he replied, as he sneered at Lanning.

How could there be any hope of a boy who sneered at his mother?

Cassidy sneered, outraged by such impudence on the part of an ex-convict.

"That's what the Public are up against in this game," sneered the backer of Lucretia.

At which he sneered, and said that was a bull and a blunder, but no wonder, as I was an Irishman.

When she had sneered her sneeriest, then she said, "Turn him out bound!"

"But we're all prigs," Gilbert said once in reply to some one who sneered at Roger.

The Boches and the Poissons also sneered with an extraordinary display and outlay of grief.

"They ought to take them in out of the rain," sneered Chouteau.

But Chouteau sneered and jeered at him; what did he care whether he reported him or not!