Snicker [verb]

Definition of Snicker:

laugh at

Synonyms of Snicker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snicker:


Sentence/Example of Snicker:

I looked at Sol, on the seat next to me; I thought I had heard him snicker.

They snicker at my graftin', and I laugh in my sleeve, I guess, at their penetration.'

"You've made a mistake," he told old Mr. Crow with a snicker.

But his snicker was palpably an assumption of unconcern he did not possess.

The sound of a snicker behind him brought a scowl to Jack's face.

If you'll tell me where the laugh comes in, I'll snicker, just to keep you company.

As he gazed sorrowfully at the saloon he heard a snicker from behind him.

"I don't see what's so funny," resented Bobby, beginning to snicker, too.

The snicker turned into a roar of laughter, a grown man's laughter.

The snicker that came from the crowd at this remark maddened Andy.