Snickered [verb]

Definition of Snickered:

laugh at mockingly

Synonyms of Snickered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snickered:


Sentence/Example of Snickered:

Boche and Bibi-the-Smoker snickered at the nudes, pointing them out to each other and winking.

The clerk laughed, and the bell-boys standing about snickered.

He shook and snickered with anticipation of the glory of it.

"All right; an' I'll do th' laughing," snickered Hopalong, at the door.

Miss Mercy snickered in appreciation of the cleverness of her manœuvre.

So he flew to Niagara while the Blue-jay snickered and followed to see the fun.

Some people might object to the word, and say that he only “snickered,” or made faces.

Those of his men who were near enough to hear, snickered and giggled.

"All right; an' I'll do the laughing," snickered Hopalong, at the door.

A squad of policemen, going on night duty, passed by and snickered.