Snickers [verb]

Definition of Snickers:

laugh at mockingly

Synonyms of Snickers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snickers:


Sentence/Example of Snickers:

It is a most lively jig, what the boys call a "regular break-down," interspersed with squeals and snickers and derisive laughter.

I'll admit we was some conspicuous durin' the evenin', with folks stretchin' their necks our way, but I didn't hear any snickers.

It was Jimmie again, holding his nose and swaying in a vain effort to control a paroxysm of snickers at Thomas' unusual outburst.

He was starting to descend the steep stairs to the street, when he caught the sound of snickers and creeping footsteps behind him.

The following day, November 2d, we moved along up the valley as far as Snickers Gap, where we stayed two days.

Mrs. Robert pinks up, Vee snickers, and they both hurries into the next room.