Sniffing [verb]

Definition of Sniffing:

breathe in

Synonyms of Sniffing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sniffing:


Sentence/Example of Sniffing:

She moved about the room, sniffing and sobbing as she dusted.

Women were in the habit of sniffing when Mrs. Tremain's name was mentioned.

William, who had been sniffing dubiously at the man in the chair, dashed after them.

He examined them on all sides, sniffing and looking inquisitively at their faces.

He was sniffing at a plate containing a mixture of meat and fish.

Every one lowered their noses to the boat, sniffing vigorously.

Sniffing the joy of battle, we followed hard on their tracks.

He and Mahon prowled soberly about hatches and ventilators, sniffing.

He took it up eagerly, but ended by sniffing at it with an air of contempt.

He glared, perplexed, his nostrils working as if he were sniffing treachery in the air.