Sniffs [verb]

Definition of Sniffs:

breathe in

Synonyms of Sniffs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sniffs:


Sentence/Example of Sniffs:

He did not speak, but he made an inarticulate noise between a grunt and a sniff.

He just stuck his nose into old Hagar's wikiup—and one sniff seemed to be about all he wanted.

He tried to sniff noses with her, but she retreated playfully and coyly.

Captain Zelotes' only comment was a sniff or snort, or combination of both.

Albert sniffed suspiciously, but no odor of alcohol rewarded the sniff.

Kayerts was always ready to let him have a sniff at the ammonia bottle.

I came across the doctor, who was taking his first sniff of the morning air.

Nevertheless, it was passed around and every fellow had a chance to take a sniff at it.

I have had a sniff of it already in the proceedings of the Antiquarian Society.

Save the delicate step of some halting doe, or the sniff of a prowling bear.