Sniffy [adjective]

Definition of Sniffy:

having exaggerated self-opinion

Opposite/Antonyms of Sniffy:

Sentence/Example of Sniffy:

If she thinks people are unkind to Daisy or sniffy about her, she'll stick to her like a leech.

There was the father mouse, and the mother mouse, and Sharpeyes, and Sniffy.

In the superfine circles of the Sniffy, this fact is sufficient to condemn them unread.

And—to his shame Raymond heard it gleefully—she had a "sniffy little cold" that made going out impossible.

Then when Amy was so sniffy—excuse me, Amy—about having boys in the party, why, I had to promise not to tell.

Squeaky lay in the box all night, and wondered what Sniffy and Sharpeyes were doing.

This you will find obscure, but study it well—though strictly in private, so as not to give me away as a sniffy critic.