Snipe [noun]

Definition of Snipe:

hunted bird

Synonyms of Snipe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snipe:


Sentence/Example of Snipe:

And there, where the new church stands, I shot my first snipe.

There the Senecas adopted her into the Snipe clan of their nation.

How much nearer do you get to shooting a snipe by being told how not to take your aim?

It might have been snipe and it might have been bristling boars.

"That is the way the kili (snipe) gets the uga (crab) from its shell," he said.

The only birds shot as game in the colony are quail and snipe.

On such a day the snipe will be in such a meadow, and the golden plover in such a field.

Would not the first of them who saw me wring my neck like a snipe's?

The bill is long and slender, like that of a snipe, but slightly curved.

Clancy sees his advantage, and raises his gun, quick as for the shooting of a snipe.