Sniped [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Sniped:

They believed a few fellows had "sniped" at them; that was all.

He might have sniped the guards anyway, but he had it easier.

If you are sniped, push on; but if opposed in force, do your best, only let me know.

The enemy, on his part, sniped at and bombed our patrols at night.

I just got sniped when I was out, at night, with a wiring party, he said hurriedly.

I found I had stumbled over a horse that had no doubt strayed and been sniped.

We bombarded them by day, we sniped them by night, and sapped them in the intervals.

All (p. 109) the way along we were sniped at, but we managed to get back safely.

He knows exactly at which corner he is likely to be sniped, and hurries accordingly.

You were sniped in the glory of completing a fine piece of work.