Sniper [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sniper:

At the outset a German officer was said to have been struck by a sniper's bullet.

Then a German sniper with his gun climbed up on the platform.

He crept out to the ruins by the well, fished out the packet, and a sniper got him.

It is the sniper of naval warfare, but cannot give (p. 046) battle.

The Italian won the privilege of entering the crucifix to capture the sniper.

There was a German sniper in the same patch so they began to stalk each other.

The German sniper is really a lineal descendant of the impenitent thief.

When I say a sniper I do not mean a sharpshooter who fires into our lines from the German lines.

He was later to fall in the front line trenches the victim of a German sniper.

He told me it would never do to let the German sniper think he had scored a hit.