Sniping [noun]

Definition of Sniping:

barrage of projectiles

Synonyms of Sniping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sniping:

Sentence/Example of Sniping:

The guns are booming away, but the sniping has decreased to-day.

All was quiet, except for a few 'sniping' shots from the top of Surgham.

Can you imagine those Dutchmen sniping at me with an eight-inch gun?

The Premier ended with a plea for a truce to political "sniping."

The fire had dwindled to sniping only, but we could see the lights of the Turks.

By way of finish I will tell you of a little incident of sniping.

This was quite fair and square fighting, for sniping is legitimate.

There was some sniping from the hill-slope afterwards, and two were wounded.

That was the ideal life for a soldierlaying out and sniping the foe.

Sniping was the job for a he-man, if one had to be away from home at all.