Snippets [noun]

Definition of Snippets:


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Sentence/Example of Snippets:

Yet, beyond a few sonnets and snippets, nothing came of it all.

These birds constitute the “snippets” of Anglo-Indian, that is to say, birds that try to be snipe.

Another advantage results from the snippets of unequal size.

Snippets of paper littered his writing-desk and the floor around.

Grammar was a topic that could not be taken in snippets and bits.

It is too well known, too easily accessible, for any snippets to be quoted from it here.

In this age of sloppiness, sniff and snippets there is a lot of "literature" which should be tariffed off the face of the earth.

Our camp looked like a sweat-shop those days, with its cross-legged tailormen and its litter of snippets.

The ringed plovers are small “snippets” which haunt the seashore and the sandbanks of rivers.

My father always says that newspapers are worthless reading, that they divide one's interest into snippets.