Snippy [adjective]

Definition of Snippy:


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Sentence/Example of Snippy:

"She was sort of snippy about it," Alice returned, ascending the stairs.

She was snippy to me two or three times and I won't stand that.

I—I don't wish to be snippy, you know, but you should not forget that he is your father.

It was that snippy little Marjorie Lowry with the baby face, wasn't it?

"One of the snippy kind, back-talkin' an' peevish," said Miranda.

"Oh, that will just do, Snippy," and Laverne danced around in delight.

Snippy said something in his own language and struggled to get free.

Snippy, and the verses they had tried to make for the dead Balder.

But she was so snippy the other night I decided to forget it.

Write that snippy Miss Page and demand her resignation from the team.