Sniveling [verb]

Definition of Sniveling:


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Sentence/Example of Sniveling:

Come, come; don't go to sniveling; be a good girl, and mind the main chance.

Augustine went off, sobbing and sniveling, dragging her feet in the snow.

From sobbing, Miss Winthrop dwindled to sniveling, and there she stopped.

She did not care about him, so what was she sniveling about and making her nose all red?

What care have we for monastery bells and sniveling priests!

And that sniveling boy will give me no more of his infernal lip!

He is only a peasant's sniveling cub, a mountaineer's orphan brat!

It might do for some sniveling sycophant of learning and money, but he was going forth to—what?

You know that if there is anything I'm dead sore on it's that sniveling rot.

Are we a generation of driveling, sniveling, degraded slaves?