Snob [noun]

Definition of Snob:

person who looks down on others

Synonyms of Snob:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snob:


Sentence/Example of Snob:

That counts me a snob in my mental attitude toward the Lockwoods.

He who bullies those who are not in a position to resist may be a snob, but cannot be a gentleman.

We are left with the uneasy impression that William is a snob.

People will say he was a vulgar parvenu, a sycophant, a snob—heaven knows what.

You'll never be a snob, Beth, no matter how much money you have.

"I am a snob," she resumed, expecting him to contradict her.

She was afraid that she had been a bit of a snob, a trifle caddish.

The study of Pip is meant to indicate that with all his virtues Pip was a snob.

If he does it consciously, the chances are he is a snob for doing it.

And apparently the girl was far from being a prude or a snob.