Snobbery [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Snobbery:

"Oh, I have no snobbery myself about working with my hands," added he, hastily.

The one chink in this shrewd fellow's armor was his snobbery.

Snobbery is peculiar to no country—it appears to be universal.

They implied only the bad taste of snobbery which is the absence of all real taste.

Dunwood House reeks of commerce and snobbery and all the things he hated most.

The bathroom is the inmost, the strongest fortress of our English snobbery.

It is not the consciousness of virtue: that is not happiness, but snobbery.

Their respect for rank is not marred by any vulgarity or snobbery.

She thought of the place as an abode of arrogance and snobbery.

He subtly used all the manners of the most unconquerable kind of snobbery.