Snobbishly [adverb]

Definition of Snobbishly:


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Sentence/Example of Snobbishly:

I know you don't like that word "class," but please don't think I am using it snobbishly.

Not snobbishly, you understand, nor deliberately, but quite in passing.

That was only an episode to her, of which she was snobbishly ashamed in time.

Brought up in low environment, he snobbishly worships all this as base and vulgar.

We need not heed the criticism of the world, snobbishly; we are a great nation, and can afford to make our own laws.

On one hand it encourages the commoner to be snobbishly mean, and the noble to be snobbishly arrogant.

We worship kings in England, I admit, but only snobbishly; we significantly call the pound a sovereign.