Snobbishness [noun]

Definition of Snobbishness:


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Sentence/Example of Snobbishness:

The Reed girls could not discard their snobbishness all at once.

Savile thought a moment, and remembered her tinge of snobbishness.

Unfortunately Chesterton is not nearly hard enough on snobbishness.

Before the charm and sweetness of it, Oxford snobbishness went down.

He had heard stories of the snobbishness and independence of some Easterners.

But Mrs. Eames was entirely free from any taint of snobbishness.

There was no taint in it of self-interest, nor of snobbishness.

This shows how far I had let that attack of snobbishness eat into me.

He had for the moment redeemed the snobbishness of two generations.

But, in spite of that, he was not unpopular, and if there was any snobbishness about him it was unconscious.