Snobby [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Snobby:

Carriages, with servants in snobby coats, beset the doors of the theatre.

We are an uncouth, snobby, and withal, shabby-looking set of varlets.

I'll see somebody struck by lightnin', or hear a voice sayin', "Snobby Price: where will you spend eternity?"

Thought you might be snobby on account of being volunteers, but I swear you're a bloody human lot.

We are snobby, because our advance in the new art does not yet extend to the picturesque or well-fitting.

"He isn't much of an addition to the team—too snobby for me," spoke Paul in a low voice.

Not that any one meant to be rude, but they are so snobby that they cast a cloud over ones fun.

As the heir to a baronetcy 289 you would be worth ten times more than heir to an Esquireship—in snobby England.

Sarah Cooper is at the Branch with her snobby little husband and her extravagant toilettes; I'm not going to be patronized by her.

Your aristocracy is a base imitation of our snobby, revelling in the heartless hording of gold, and vaunting of bad English.'