Snoop [noun]

Definition of Snoop:

person who noses around

Synonyms of Snoop:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snoop:


Sentence/Example of Snoop:

I'm going to snoop around to-morrow after breakfast and see the sights.

"I've got my best doll, and Snoop's in his cage," said Flossie.

Bill distinctly said he would not snoop around the Castle, she thought.

He did it so he could snoop around the house and spy on us without interruption.

But all you'd have to do is snoop around in some newspaper office.

I suppose that old hag sent you here to snoop and pry and annoy me!

For it to work we need to know that the person we're talking to isn't a snoop.

They also had fun with Snoop, their pet cat, and with Snap, their dog.

Poor Snoop was swinging violently at the end of the ragged tail.

Whether Snoop understood this or not, it would be hard to say.