Snooper [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Snooper:

The snooper was drifting aimlessly about, avoiding the parked vehicles.

He sent the snooper ahead, tilting it to look down into the pit.

Suddenly, one of them saw the snooper, gave a yell, and fired at it with a rifle.

Duke: I 'd nudge him off the cliff—jest like he were a sneakin' snooper.

He pointed at the snooper screen, which gave a view of the plaza from directly above.

The snooper over the village reported excitement in the plaza.

The snooper went down toward them, and then he recognized them.

We feel, now, that the Jap snooper business late yesterday afternoon didn't do us any harm.

The snooper was also transmitting in, to another screen, from two hundred feet above the village.

He sat down in front of one of the snooper screens and twisted knobs on the remote controls.